Things That I’ve Been Doing Daily

Since I couldn’t really leave my room for a couple of weeks, there were a few things that I started doing regularly, and I’ve been trying (successfully~) to keep doing them.

1. Reading – I read all the time when I was younger; it was one of the things I was known for when I was in elementary school. XD But, as I started getting more into music and dramas and dancing, I read less and less. Now, I’ve started up again. =D

2. Kanji – I’ve been trying to practice at least one kanji character a day. On one of the days I was off the computer, I think I learned four or five. I’m up to the twenty-eighth character in my workbook. ^_^

3. Soaking – For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been soaking my injured foot in cold and warm water to help it heal faster, and it’s worked~. I’m going to keep doing it just to make sure.

4. Word Searches – I love word searches! I did them all the time with my mom before I even started school. Lately, I’ve been doing word searches and listening to music (Morning Musume for the past few days) while I soak my foot. XD

5. Writing – Though this one isn’t quite done daily, I’ve still been jotting notes down fairly often. I hope I can actually start writing something soon. (^_^”)>

Hopefully, I’ll be filming in the next few days. My foot doesn’t hurt anymore; it’s just a little stiff. I’ll probably still have it wrapped for the next few dances, though. (^_^”)>

~ Surimu-chan


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