I’m Back Early~!

Hey, everyone, I’m back earlier than I thought! =D

My foot is almost completely healed, and my eye, though it’s still bothering me a bit, is better as well. I think I may have scratched it somehow (at least, I hope that’s all it is; if I may ask, please pray for me~).

When I stopped using the computer a few days ago, I gave my mom permission to check my e-mail. Every once in a while she would tell me, “You got another seven subscribers!” or some other equally amazing number. The result? Over fifty new subscribers since I last checked my mail for myself. =O

Really, thank-you very much! The only thing I was a bit confused about was that some of the people who subscribed have thousands of subscriptions; how do they have the time to watch them all? And if they’re not watching them all, is mine one of the ones they aren’t watching? In which case… why did they subscribe? Please don’t think I’m ungrateful, because I appreciate all of my subscribers, but I’m just a bit confused. (^_^”)>

So! Some time next week, I want to try to get “あなたなしでは生きてゆけない” filmed and uploaded, and then, maybe the week after, I’ll try to upload “もってけ! セーラーふく”. I could probably do both next week, but, like I said, I’m going to be careful. Also, I may start working on “Sprinter!,” because that one seems to be leading the polls, though there’s still two days left to vote (thank-you to everyone who has voted already!).

Also, since I’m approaching my fiftieth upload (WOW!), I’ve been planning a special video. =D

That’s about all… thank-you~! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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