:*:・゚`☆、。・:*:・゚` July 4th .。・:*:・゚`☆、。・:*:

:*:・゚`、。・:*: Happy July 4th~! Happy Independence Day~! :*:・゚`、。・:*:

So, as I said, I took a few pictures today to share with everyone. First of all, here are two things that my mom crocheted years ago. The first is a Fourth of July doll.

I love the flowers on the bonnet and the little necklace! ^_^

Secondly, this is a teddy bear that she made for me over ten years ago.

He is appropriately named American Bear. XD I wasn’t very original when I was little.

Here’s what we ate today; first of all… corn on the cob~.

And then there was watermelon…

I cut some flowers out of a slice of it. =D

I did the same with some slices of cantaloupe.

Here’s a picture of all of the fruit together:

My mom cut the watermelon bowl, and I made the flowers. We also put grapes in there. ^_^ Also, that tablecloth is from Thailand~; it was a gift from a friend of my mom’s. =)

My parents took my sister to see some fireworks; I decided not to go. (^_^”)> I asked my mom to take some pictures, though, so here are a few. They’re a bit blurry; I forgot to switch it to the fireworks setting before they left. orz

So, that’s all~. See you in a week~! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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