♠ Random Facts ♠ – Languages

Random Fact #3: I’ve only really tried to learn three foreign languages, or, at least, a little bit of them. The only foreign language that my school offered was Spanish. I learned the basics in elementary (numbers, colors, months, etc.), but then they stopped giving elementary students Spanish (and art) lessons. I had a few months of mandatory Spanish in middle school, and then, in high school, I took half a year of Spanish.
Besides Japanese, the only other language I ever attempted to learn was Elvish. XD I love Lord of the Rings, and I was, at one point, quite knowledgeable about anything to do with Middle Earth (I still have a huge map of Middle Earth on my wall XD). I tried learning Elvish in high school, but I gave up, because I was too busy with schoolwork and other matters. (^_^”)>
As far as English goes, I was always top of my class. =D I’ve been told that I’m good at explaining English, though I don’t really think so.
Also, though this doesn’t have much to do with anything, I guess I’m rather good at faking an accent. XD In the first week or so of my Spanish class in middle school, whenever I was called on, I would just say the answer with the same pronunciation as I had heard the teacher use previously (isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?!); my teacher said I had really good pronunciation, and a few of my classmates asked me how long I had been studying Spanish. XD Also, in my middle school geography class, whenever I gave presentations on foreign countries, my teacher said my pronunciation of the cities and such was very good. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


9 Responses to “♠ Random Facts ♠ – Languages”

  1. Rubi Says:

    ah, i envy you this faking accents skill *_* i would kill for being able to easily learn foregin languages pronounciation and not sounding silly. ive been learning german for 10 years and still cant do at least a bit of german accent. well, ive never been very focused on learning it, as i dont like this language, it could be the point too 😛
    btw i hope your leg will be ok soon~ (and not only because im the one who requested renai circulation, no no no :D)

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Ah~, I may be able to fake an accent, but I’m terrible when it comes to remembering proper sentence structure with foreign languages. (^_^”)> Wow, ten years, huh? Are you fluent?
      And thank-you~! ^_^ I’ve been doing everything I can to get better as soon as possible, but it seems like every time it starts improving, it just… doesn’t. XD Maybe if I watch Renai Circulation enough I’ll just be able to do it when my foot is better. … I wish~. XD

      • Rubi Says:

        Fluent? Not at all : D Actually, i couldnt probably hold any conversation, except something really simple like describing weather or a few words about myself : P Because first 6 years i was learning it in elementary school, so i learned just very basic basics =D Then in middle school i was more interested in talking with friends than in learning german. And in high school i chose english as my main language so i have basic german now, from the beginning LOL. after 9 years of learning (well, it was more “learning”, but still ;p) im learning basics again. yay for doing nothing on german for the whole year and having the best notes on every test~! 8D
        Im sure you will be able to do this =D ganbatte ^___^~ btw can i have next request? *^_^*

  2. Surimu-chan Says:

    Ah, I see. XD I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten all the Spanish I learned in school. (^_^”)>
    Of course you can request~! I have three to film and three more (including Renai Circulation) to learn when I’m back on my feet, but I’ll take the request and work on it as soon as I can! ^_^
    Thanks again~!

    • Rubi Says:

      im sure your spanish is a lot better than my german : D
      hmm, so i want to request ‘river’ by AKB48~ :3
      i hope your foot and eyes will get better soon~ ^_^

      • Surimu-chan Says:

        Thank-you for your request~! “RIVER,” huh? I actually started looking at that last month, so I know the first minute or so of the dance. =D But it may take me a while to learn the rest because it’s harder than what I usually do. (^_^”)> I’ll definitely do it, though!
        And thank-you! T_T My foot is actually more or less healed, but my eye is still bothering me. It should be better soon, though~. ^_^ Thanks for commenting~!

    • Rubi Says:

      Youre welcome ^_^ Btw are you doing only japanese dances or can i request korean one? And hmm, do you have any limits on requests from one person or smth because i seem to have next idea everytime when you accept my previous one? : D

      • Surimu-chan Says:

        Ah, I’m really sorry, but I’ve decided to only cover dances from Japanese songs. =( It’s not that I don’t like other music, it’s just that I prefer dancing to Japanese music (… and I’m not very good at the Korean dances either (^_^”)>).
        As far as a limit on requests, I don’t have one. =D The only thing I ask is that you don’t expect it too soon, because–besides the fact that I don’t want to overdo it again–I’m really slow at learning dances. (^_^”)>
        Also, I probably won’t be able to learn “RIVER” for a while; the dance shot I was using (and all of the other ones, too, it seems) was removed from YouTube. (-_-*) Sorry again for the long, looong wait. m(_ _)m

    • Rubi Says:

      Ok, so im out of requests for a while, because im not very into japanese music recently ^^” Well, no, i have one but i will wait with it till full pv will come out and i will see the whole dance ^_^’ And no problem with waiting, i have a lot of time : D

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