MADAYADE (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I couldn’t dress like Captain because, not only do I not have a dress/skirt even remotely similar to what they’re wearing, but I don’t think I actually own any orange clothes. At all. o_o

– I tried filming this earlier, but I kept messing up, so I went into town with my brother. He bought me a movie, and, after watching it, I felt better, so I was able to do the dance. =D

– My hair kept flying in my face (sorry!), and it made a circle or some equally interesting shape above my head just before the dance break. XDD

– I brought my old outfit style from my earlier dance covers back! XD This time I used a red scarf to pin back as a sort of vest.

– The red wristband is the same one I wore in my dance cover of “めぐる恋の季節,” and it is, once again, turned inside out.

~ Surimu-chan


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