Update ~12~

Well, it was raining all day today, so I couldn’t film outside. =(

I didn’t dance much today either, because I felt kind of sluggish; I didn’t sleep well. (^_^”)> I did practice “バラライカ” a bit, but I mostly worked on storyboards for my upcoming mini clips.  I finished two of them. ^_^ If I can get the special effects that I plan to use to work properly, they should turn out looking pretty neat~. =D

Thank-you, again, to everyone who watches my videos~. (=^_^=) I really do appreciate it. I hope no one is sick of hearing that from me; I just felt it needed to be said. ^_^

And now… I’m still really tired. XD I think I’ll go to sleep.  Hopefully I’ll have more energy tomorrow~…

~ Surimu-chan


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