Argh! (>_<*)

And, just like that, my good mood from this morning fizzled out.

I was just outside filming “青春コレクション;” on the first good take I had, when I played it back, I noticed that the bright sun had caused the picture to blur really, really badly, so we moved to a different place. On the second full take I had (there were many bad takes before that), I didn’t like it because I looked like I had no energy during the dance break (I was trying to avoid the dips in the ground). After that, it was just bad take after bad take… there were bees all around me! O_O I kept stopping and ducking. (^_^”)> So, unless I film it inside (which just doesn’t seem to fit), I won’t have it up today. I’m really sorry.

m(_ _)m

Edit: I should probably also mention that something in the air seems to have made me a bit sick. =( My stomach hurts a little, but I should be able to record my other dance without making it any worse. ^_^ Maybe I should stay inside for awhile… Sorry again. =(

~ Surimu-chan


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