~Progress Report~

I thought I’d give a progress report on about how much I know of each of my upcoming dances. Please keep in mind that I didn’t get these numbers mathematically; I’m just kind of guessing the approximate amount I’ve learned for each dance. (^_^”)>

✪ 都会っ子 純情 – 99.4% learned
✪ 女子かしまし物語 [Short Vers.] – 50% learned
✪ 青春コレクション – 83% learned
✪ バラライカ – 71% learned
✪ Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! – 62% learned

As you can see from these numbers, “都会っ子 純情” is more or less finished, so I’m going to try to film it later tonight. ^_^

I had been learning “青春コレクション” before I got the request for “女子かしまし物語,” which is why I know more of that one; also, it’s kind of hard to find a clear view of the dance for “女子かしまし物語” because, as I said before, they usually focus on the member that the others are singing about. I’ll keep working on it, though!

I probably know a little bit more of “バラライカ” and “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” than that, but the moves that I do know aren’t sharp enough for me to give myself a higher percentage. (^_^”)>

Okay, back to dancing I go~…

~ Surimu-chan


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