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Around July of last year, I bought my first video game: Final Fantasy VIII. I had played Final Fantasy VII in early June, and Final Fantasy IV after that, and I loved them both, so when I saw Final Fantasy VIII in the video game store, I had to buy it… even though I didn’t have a Playstation at the time. (^_^”)> Luckily, my brother let me play it on his. I finished the game in late August or early September, and I admit that my eyes started to water a bit during the ending, partly because I just loved the ending, but mostly because I had spent over 100 hours playing the game, and I already missed it.

It was then that I decided that, even though I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on unnecessary things, I had to get the soundtrack for FFVIII. So another one of my brothers ordered it off the Internet for me, and, a week or two later, I received it in the mail~. It stayed in my CD player for a few months straight, especially the first disc. During those few months, my brother (the one who let me play the game on his Playstation) bought me my own Playstation, so I started the game over. =D

Anyway, I’ve started listening to the soundtrack again, and the music has put me in an amazingly good mood. My favorites are “Liberi Fatali” (of course), “Balamb Garden,” “Blue Fields,” “Don’t be Afraid,” “Find Your Way” (it has a mysterious and slightly creepy feel to it, and it always reminds me of Tonberries… eeek!) “Breezy,” “Shuffle or Boogie” (I lo~ved playing Triple Triad!!), “Waltz for the Moon,” “The Man with the Machine Gun” (Laguna Loire, alongside Vincent Valentine, is one of my favorite FF characters), “Fragments of Memories,” “Blue Sky” (even though it’s really short), “Fisherman’s Horizon,” “Where I Belong,” “Slide Show Part 2,” “Dance with the Balamb-fish,” “Residents” (even though it’s also a bit creepy XD), “Eyes on Me,” “Mods de Chocobo,” and “Ride On.”

I probably could have written the title of every song on all four CDs, and it still would have been true. XD I want to get more Final Fantasy soundtracks someday, but I’ll have to wait until there’s a job opening in town. T_T

… “The Winner” is playing right now; I can’t help but do Zell’s victory dance every time I hear it. XD

~ Surimu-chan


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