Organizing ♥

I just finished organizing my blog a bit by adding a few pages. Besides the usual “☆ About Me ☆,” I now have these new pages:

☑ Completed Dances – This page has a list of the dances/videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube (just a list; I didn’t add links).

♦ Priority List ♦ – This page just shows the dance priority list that a posted on here not long ago.

♫ Upcoming Dances ♫ – This page will show about five dances that I’m working on/will work on soon; I’ll try to update this page every week or so.

Also, if I ever get the スリム☆ミニ CLIPS going, there will be a page explaining what they are and which ones I’ve done. About that title, though… it doesn’t sound stupid, does it? If it’s too much to say, it could always be abbreviated as “スミク.” Is the star too much? I wanted to have a character dividing “スリム” and “ミニ”, and I like the star, but I’ve seen it used a lot. Should I use a solid star instead? I guess I’ll think about it later…

~ Surimu-chan


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