Update ~10~

Another dance has been added to my “Dances to Do” List! Well, actually, my “Dances to Do” List is about 60 dances long and growing, so I should say another dance has been added to my “Dances to Do Soon” List. ^_^ So, here is that list:

☆ °C-ute – 都会っ子 純情
☆ 久住小春 – バラライカ
☆ モーニング娘。– 青春コレクション
☆ Buono! – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Also, I have a new goal! It might be a little far-fetched, but I’d like to learn all four Guardians 4 dances before my next birthday. That means I have a little less than five months to do so. o_o

I did learn the first forty seconds of “都会っ子 純情” (plus a little more), a couple of days ago; I want to try to record the dance before the first (official) day of summer.

I’m taking a small break right now, because, even though I didn’t snap my head to the side as hard as I did before (for my last dance cover), I still managed to hurt my neck again… and then I slept on it wrong and made it worse. (^_^”)> Sorry for making everyone wait longer for more videos! m(_ _)m

~ Surimu-chan


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