Not Again…

The title works on a couple of levels, actually. XD

I filmed “夢見る 15歳” again, but I still didn’t upload it. (^_^”)> I filmed it by myself, so I went out of frame a few times (my feet did, at least), and I wasn’t as precise with the dancing as I would’ve liked. I’ll try to film again tomorrow, and, hopefully, this time I’ll upload it. (-_-”)

The other reason I say, “Not again…” is because of something I got on YouTube. I checked my e-mail, and saw that I had a new comment on my Perfume tutorial, so I was happy about that… but it turns out it was just someone saying hateful things. They also gave me a thumbs down for the video. (>_<*) If that had happened to me when I first started uploading my dances, I probably would have deleted them all and been too embarrassed to dance again, but, now that I’ve been doing this for half a year, I’ll just ignore them. ^_^

Thanks as always to all of you who watch my videos~! As I’ve said before, your kindness and support transcend any hate that I get from trolls. So thank-you, again, so much~.

~ Surimu-chan


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