Just Some Randomness…

I thought my computer was going to stop working again today! T_T I turned it on and the fan was making a really loud buzzing noise, so I shut it off and cleaned it out. When I turned it back on, it made the noise for a little bit, but then stopped, so I quickly put all of my files on an external hard drive. Whew…

A few days ago, my dad made some bread, and I took a picture, but I forgot to post it. (^_^”)>

I love fresh bread~. This was made from a store-bought mix, but I like the kind that my dad makes from scratch better. ^_^

Yesterday, a squirrel was staring at me from the lawn. XD By the time I took a picture, though, the squirrel had looked somewhere else.

That’s the tree I was sitting next to for the opening and closing scenes of my “Genki+” PV.

Earlier today, after I had shut my computer off because of the fan, I played King of Fighters ’99 on my Playstation. I practiced with my usual team (Andy and Terry Bogard, Jhun Hoon, and Kyo Kusanagi, though I also like to use K’, especially in the later games) for a while, and then I started playing. … My problem is, I can do the moves when I’m practicing, but, as soon as I actually have to fight in the game, I get all excited/nervous, so I just end up button-mashing and hoping that I win. XDD Also, it’s a lot harder to do quarter-circle moves on PS1 controllers, especially if the buttons stick a bit like they do on mine. (^_^”)> Needless to say, my thumbs and wrists ache right now.

I’m still not sure when I’ll start filming outside, because there are a ton of bees and mosquitoes out. o_o

Well, that’s about all I have to say. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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