Update ~7~

Well, with so many views on my latest video (#66 Most Viewed (Today) – Music – Japan; thank-you!), I should have known that I would be trolled sooner or later; someone left an inappropriate comment on my video. (怒) I deleted it already, because I didn’t want anything to start from it, but the fact remains that it was there at one time. (>_<*) Please continue to support me; your views and kind comments outshine any troll comments~! ^__^

I was listening to the Hello! Project Douyou Pops songs today; “Omocha no Chachacha” gets stuck in my head. XD I think it’s because I remember it from the drama “Uta no Onii-san,” which I loved. =D I wish I could make some videos using some of the Douyou Pops, but I don’t have any lyrics or translations for any of them, so I wouldn’t have any clues for the dances or videos. T_T

Anyway, I started looking at the dance for °C-ute’s “キャンパスライフ ~生まれて来てよかった~,” but I think I’ll just learn the arm movements for now and give my legs a little break. I was practicing some of my previous dances to see if I could remember them (I obviously need to review “MY BOY” a little bit (^_^”)> ), and I don’t want to overdo it. ^_^ I think I’ll also learn a soloist’s dance soon, too. Maybe Matsuura Aya-san’s “Ne~e?” (even though I don’t have anything that cute to wear (^_^”)> ), or Manoeri’s “Haru no Arashi.”

Thanks again for all of your support~! (=^_^=)

~ Surimu-chan


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