Update ~6~


今日は私のお父さんの誕生日です~! ^_^ Happy Birthday, Dad~.

I think I need to work harder at learning Japanese; I can still only say the most basic of sentences. (-_-”) The only problem is, no classes are offered in my area, and, even though there are quite a few resources on the Internet… I don’t know where to start. (^_^”) I can read hiragana and katakana and a very limited amount of kanji, but the syntax and particles are rather confusing.  o_o Anyway, you’re here to read about my upcoming dances, not my troubles learning Japanese. (^_^”)>  Sorry~. m(_ _)m

I have another dance ready! The only problem is, I need to film it outside, and it has been raining the past few days, so it’s very wet and dreary out.  (-_-”) So, in the mean time, I’ve been learning another dance. =D I’d like to keep both of them a surprise, but I will say that the first one is a very new song, while the second one is an older song.

Also, I’m getting very close to 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel! Uwah~, I remember getting excited over having 10 subscribers! It was like, “Wow, it’s in the double digits now!” No matter how many I get, I’ll keep getting excited over them. ^__^ Thank-you, everyone~!!

~ Surimu-chan


One Response to “Update ~6~”

  1. oi_ska Says:

    I am not good at English. (o´_`o)
    I also think I need to work harder at learning English!
    I enjoy and learn English by your blog.
    When it has made a mistake in sentences, I’m sorry.


    Do you know their blog?
    Michishige Sayumi 【http://gree.jp/michishige_sayumi】
    Tanaka Reina 【http://ameblo.jp/tanakareina-blog/】
    I think that you can enjoy Japanese. (^-^*)/☆

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