Another Outfit for Upcoming “PV”

We filmed another part of the PV today; the only problem is, we had to film a later scene first, and, by the time we got to the scene that was supposed to come before that one, it had started to get dark, so the clips will have inconsistent lighting. =( I’ll have to darken a few of the clips; I hope it doesn’t look too off…

Now all we have left to film is Scene 3 and the dance. =D

Here are a couple pictures of the outfit for Scene 4; they’re a bit dark and a little blurry. Sorry~. m(_ _)m

My hair is supposed to be curled, but it never seems to curl very well. (^_^”)> The boots don’t really go with the rest of the outfit either. ^_^” I couldn’t wear my high heels, though, because they kind of hurt. =\ Also… I’m really bad at posing. XD –Awkward–

Finally, here’s a picture of the moon. This was taken almost immediately after we finished filming, so you can see how dark it was getting! =o

~ Surimu-chan


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