Update ~4~

Ah~, the secret’s out! My next PV-type video is going to be “Genki+” by Morning Musume. I still have to film three parts, though, so it will take some time.

I had a lot of trouble filming my introduction video. I’m really bad at thinking of things to say, and, even when I had a piece of paper with what I was going to say right in front of me, I was so terribly awkward. =( Also, yes, I have a lot of favorite dramas. XD I watch more dramas than I do anime, and I seem to like most of the dramas that I watch. ^__^

In other news, I’m taking a break from learning “友達は友達なんだ!” for now. I’m getting a bit frustrated with a few parts of the dance, so it will turn out bad if I try to learn it under stress. I apologize to anyone who has been waiting for it. m(_ _)m I may try to learn a short song to upload soon, though. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


One Response to “Update ~4~”

  1. oi_ska Says:

    (^-^*)/ Hellow!☆
    I also like “ryuusei no kizuna”&”maou”!

    “Surimu-chan desu” is very cute(Berryz C-ute)!!
    You know japanese gag “Miyasako desu” o(*^▽^*)o

    (^-^*)/ こんにちは!☆

    「スリムちゃん です」は、とても可愛いです(ベリーズ キュート)!!
    日本のギャグ『宮迫(ミヤサコ)です!』も知っているのですね o(*^▽^*)o

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