Outfit #2 for Upcoming “PV”

We filmed two more parts today~. I’m starting to get a bit worried, though; the lighting isn’t always very good. I wonder if I’ll be able to work with the clips I filmed today? =( Actually, I know for a fact that the second set we filmed won’t work, which means I’ll have to film them again tomorrow. T_T Anyway, here’s the second outfit for my upcoming video.

I hope I’m not building up everyone’s expectations too much, because I honestly don’t know how well this one will turn out. The problem is that I usually have much more complicated ideas than my limited equipment can handle (I use one camera that’s actually meant for taking pictures, one tripod, and Windows Movie Maker for an editing program).  =\ I’ll work hard so that it will turn out well~! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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