Outfit #1 for Upcoming “PV”

Well, we got through a bit of filming today. ^_^ We couldn’t get everything done, because, again, it was too windy. =( Tomorrow though, I’m going to try to film two more parts. I won’t be able to film the fourth part for quite a while, though, and the fifth part is the dance, which I have yet to learn. (^_^’)>

Anyway, as I said I would a couple of posts ago, I have a few pictures of the first outfit for my next PV-type video. (By the way, I always say “PV-type” or put “PV” in quotation marks because they’re not professionally done. ^_^’) I apologize; I’m not very photogenic.              m(_ _)m

Please look forward to the video (though it will be a while before it’s uploaded T_T)~!

~ Surimu-chan


One Response to “Outfit #1 for Upcoming “PV””

  1. schnaider9 Says:

    That’s not true stephy, you are so beautiful and so also very photogenic

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