Trivia for Suki na Senpai (Surimuchan PV)

I chose to do a PV version of “Suki na Senpai” for a few reasons:

1) I wanted to try a bit of acting (I still need to work on that, I think.)
2) I absolutely love the song; it’s so cute~.
3) I had a clear idea for a story.
4) It has an easy dance (although it was hard trying to figure out what half of it was since they usually show close-ups of whoever is singing instead of those who are dancing).

Overall, I think it turned out rather well for my first try at a PV-type video. Ne~? ^_^


– The notebooks and flashcards in the beginning are all my real studying tools (that is, they weren’t made just for the video); I’ve been trying to teach myself Japanese for awhile, but, when my computer stopped working last December, it’s slowed me down quite a bit. T_T (Also, my kanji is so messy; sorry~!)

– The box that holds my flashcards (it’s on the corner of my desk) has lyrics from some of my favorite Japanese songs (including Tegomass’s “Boku Rashiku,” NEWS’ “SUMMER TIME,” and Morning Musume’s “Koko ni Iruzee!” among others) glued onto it.

– When the phone rang, the caller ID said “Senpai” and the caller ID photo was a bunch of colored hearts; unfortunately, the camera didn’t pick up that many details. (Also unfortunately, I don’t have a senpai to call me; T_T I just used the house phone to call the cell phone. XD)

– The poster with the blue background just above my mirror is of Kingdom Hearts II. The white paper next to it is a picture of Cloud that one of my brothers drew for me.

– The scene where I answer the phone was filmed the day after all of the other inside shots were filmed. I spent a long time setting my desk up the way it was before so I had as few continuity errors as possible.

– The close up shot of me was the very last part filmed; I had to be careful that the camera didn’t see my gloves, which had gotten dirty from when I fell.

– My t-shirt has a picture of three raisins standing on a stereo with the words “Raisin the roof” around them. XD

– I originally wanted to film the outside scene on a more “road-like” road, but I had to settle for my driveway. ^_^”

– I didn’t really fall for that part of the video… more like I took a running start and threw myself at the pavement. XD I did it four times, I think, before I was satisfied with the look. The fourth time I accidentally tore a hole in my right glove and hurt my wrist a bit. T_T

– When the lighting changes during the dance at the end, it wasn’t any computer effects, just a cloud passing by outside. ^_^”

– It took many takes to get the scene where I was being helped up correct; my brother wasn’t quite sure what I wanted him to do, so he offered me his hand in all sorts of funny ways, and I kept laughing. XD Also, you can see that I move my hand to signal my brother to put his hand into view.

– It was really raining outside (if you couldn’t tell), so I was cold and wet by the time we finished filming.

~ Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “Trivia for Suki na Senpai (Surimuchan PV)”

  1. Jordan Says:

    You should do a video with your brothers/sister(s)/mom cuz ive seen all of them mentioned 😛

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