Trivia for Dances 7-9

Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni wa Naranee!~

Even though I prefer Sakuragumi over Otomegumi, I still liked this song. Well, both of their songs, actually. Anyway… this dance wasn’t too hard, but it was really high-energy, so it tired me out. ^_^”

– To keep the Otomegumi style, I added the piece of contrasting, polka-dotted fabric to my skirt and a matching wristband.

– The fingerless gloves I wore in this are the same ones from my “Naichau Kamo” video.

– Near the end of the song, during one of the “running” parts, I shook my head vigorously because I was excited to almost be done with the dance. XD



I’m really proud of my dance cover of Buono!’s “MY BOY” because the outfits looked a bit like theirs, and the cutting of the video worked out fairly well. ^_^

– The “chains” for each outfit (on the skirt/shorts) were all handmade, as was the ring I wore for Momo’s part, and the flower in the headband for Miyabi’s part.

– The bow I wore for Airi’s part had a small Slime (from the Dragon Warrior/Quest games) in the middle of it. It was also handmade.

– The earrings I’m wearing for Momo’s part are small, yellow-and-red parrots.

– All of the socks I wear in this video were purchased just before I started filming.

– I learned Airi’s and Miyabi’s parts after I had already finished filming Momo’s part.


Luka Luka Night Fever

I know; it’s not H!P, but it’s still one of my videos. ^_^” This dance was so much fun~.

– This is the first video I uploaded after getting my hair trimmed, though you can’t really tell.

– The wristband I’m wearing can also be seen with the casual outfit in “Koi no Dance Site.”

~ Surimu-chan


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