Trivia for Dances 10-13

Bravo Bravo

For some reason, I really love this dance. Maybe because it’s really easy to jump right into at any point in the song. ^_^

– This video was originally going to feature both the “idol” and “rocker” outfits, but the video editing software I usually use wasn’t working, so I could only use one version.

– However, I still have a few bloopers of me in the “idol” outifit waving pompoms around and trying to look cute. XD

– The black vest I’m wearing is the same one I wore for the “guy part” in my “Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~” video, except, for this one, I have it tied up.

– The checkered fabric that you can just see peeking out of my vest is actually another long vest that I had to pin and fold to fit under the other one; I really wanted to use it because it looked Buono!-ish. ^_^

– My hair was ratted a bit and clipped to the side originally, but it must have fallen out just before I started filming. T_T


Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

This dance was really rather easy… but I still like it~. ^_^ The music in the beginning kind of reminded me of the video game Tekken Tag Tournament. I don’t know why. XD

– At first, I was going to wear dark jeans, a dressy black top, and a burgundy scarf for this dance, but then I found this skirt in town and decided it would work better. ^_^

– The flower in my hair is from a bouquet of (fake) flowers; they didn’t sell them individually. ^_^”

– I wasn’t sure whether I should curl my hair like Gaki-san’s or straighten it like Kamei’s… but I ended up going with the Gaki-san curls, though you can’t really tell.


Renai Rider

I think this may have been the song that got me into Buono!… When I first learned this  dance a couple of years ago, I learned Miyabi’s part, partially because I thought she was cool (though I didn’t know who she was at the time XD), but mostly because she was in the center. ^_^”

– Though you can’t really see it, there is a pirate flag on my t-shirt.

– I got the wristband I’m wearing for my birthday last year; it has the Cloudy Wolf from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on it. ^_^

– No matter whose part I would have learned, I would have had a matching scarf, because I collect scarves. =D (At least I used to; I can’t really afford it right now. T_T)

– I had originally learned the “ukulele” part of the song backwards, so I kept messing it up during my practices.


Renai Revolution 21

Ah~, I love this one. Not so much my video, but the original. XD This has what just might be my favorite dance break in any Morning Musume dance.

– I wanted to gel my pigtails a bit like they did in the video, but I realized too late that my hair was too long, so I had to wash the gel out before I filmed the video.

– The arm accessory is the one of the same ones used in my “Kimagure Princess” video.

– I have one of my sleeves rolled up to look more like their short sleeve/strap combination tops, but you can’t really tell because the short sleeve itself is almost short enough to be considered a strap. XD

~ Surimu-chan


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