Trivia for Dances 1-3

Kimagure Princess

My first YouTube dance cover was of Morning Musume’s 41st single “Kimagure Princess.” I had been learning Hello! Project dances for awhile, but I decided (perhaps after news that this was Koharu’s last single), that I would start uploading my dances. Here’s a bit of trivia:

– I originally had my hair down for this dance, but I was so nervous that I messed up quite a few times; eventually, it was too hot to leave my hair down, which is why I put it up in a ponytail.

– It took me about twelve takes until I was satisfied with the video.

– The white, vest-like thing I’m wearing in the video is actually a scarf that had been held together in the back with safety pins.

– During the dance break, you can hear the sound of an MSN Messenger window popping up. XD


Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~

The dance for Morning Musume’s 13th single “Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~” was one of the first dances that I learned. I had actually learned the “guy part” first, but, upon watching the video again, I realized the “girl part” had more dancing, so took the time to learn that as well. The only trivia I can think of for this one is that the only thing linking the two parts is the blue scrunchy; I’m wearing it on my left wrist for the “girl part,” and I tied my hair back with it for the “guy part.”


Koi no Dance Site

My third dance cover, Morning Musume’s 8th single “Koi no Dance Site,” is rather special to me, because I spent so long editing it together.

– The beginning took a few takes, because I kept leaning while I was trying to balance on one leg, and my mom (who films all of my videos) was laughing behind the camera.  That’s also why I’m laughing a bit in the beginning of the video. XD

– The same trick I used for my “Kimagure Princess” outfit is used for one of the outfits in here; that’s a pinned, pink scarf over the black clothes. (It is pink, though it looks red.)

– The t-shirt I’m wearing for the casual outfit says, “I gots mad ninja skillz.”

– My favorite part of the video is the cut from the casual outfit to the white and blue outfit at 3:12.

– At first, for the casual outfit, I had a lighter pink shirt, but I had to redo the dance because it looked too close to my skin color! O_O

– I did all of the dances one after another, cut them together, and realized I wasn’t satisfied with how it looked, so I redid all of the dances and recut the video. ^_^”

~ Surimu-chan


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