♦ Treasure Box ♦ – Bonuses

Welcome to the ♦ Treasure Box ♦ page~!

On this page, I’ll share extra, downloadable content for my viewers to enjoy! This will include dance cover outfit picture sets (updated every month) and podcasts (updated sporadically). Be sure to check out all of the bonus videos available on my Facebook page, too~! ♥


Outfit Picture Collections
January 2016 Outfits
February 2016 Outfits
March 2016 Outfits
April 2016 Outfits
May 2016 Outfits
June 2016 Outfits
July 2016 Outfits
August 2016 Outfits
September 2016 Outfits
October 2016 Outfits
November and December 2016 Outfits

SurimuChatters Podcasts
SurimuChatters #1 – Bad Eyes, Bucky, and Boss Battles
SurimuChatters #2 – Busy in May, Gaming in June!

Thank you for checking this page out~! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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